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Mindfulness Coaching & Consulting

with Lena Adams Kim, PhD


My name is Lena.

I'm a mindfulness expert and organizational consultant who has taught thousands of people across the globe the practice of mindfulness to improve mood, decrease stress, and counteract emotional reactivity.

Raised in Bangkok in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, I've practiced mindfulness meditation for over 3 decades. I take a holistic approach teaching secular mindfulness, combining research in organizational behavior, psychology and neuroscience to support individuals and organizations.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, my doctoral research focused on underserved communities' use of mindfulness and story-telling to protect the environment.

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Shall we collaborate?

Lena is the creator of Mindful EPA, one of the nation's first federal mindfulness programs, Her ability to tailor science-based mindfulness techniques to state and local agencies, museums, hospitals, schools, faith-based and hospice organizations has helped over 7,000 people since 2019 live, work, and communicate with greater ease. She employs a collaborative approach with clients to developing mindfulness programs covering the basics and advanced practices. She can work with you to:

  • Tailor mindfulness courses to your audience

  • Provide mindful moderation & facilitation services

  • Advise you in developing your own program

  • Serve as keynote speaker, panelist & presenter

  • Educate on the intersection of mindfulness and nature, implicit bias, creativity, managing change, death & dying and bereavement.

Lena is internationally certified in mindfulness teacher training; certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR); a graduate of Spirit Rock's renowned Mindful Leadership Program, and certified in Non-Violent Communications, a powerful form of mindful communications.

Explore her award-winning podcast:
Mindful Moments with Thai Mama

Bonnie, CA

“Lena has a gift of combining science-based research and simple practices with a sense of humor. Her class convinced the even the most skeptical members of our team."

Claudia, NY

"What I have learned from her has changed how I approach different stressors. How I show up at work, and with my family. I'm more resilient and self aware thanks to what she taught us."

Stephen, WA

“While I expected to learn relaxation techniques from Dr. Adams Kim, I didn't expect to learn so much about... myself."

If you're interested in inviting Lena to your organization for a keynote address, training or workshop, email her at: 

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